Pulling it all together

Knowing how to pull together color, lighting, textures and cool

accent pieces to make the room "pop"


Is EVERYTHING!  It determines the mood and feel of the space

and is challenging to pick the color to compliment the room.  


I know how to design a room that is functional and compliments

your living space.

Fab Rehab

Overhauling a hideous room, an area of your home, or even a

single piece such as a light, vanity or fireplace and

transform it into a piece or space people will talk about; can do

it on a budget or design it to the nines.

about us


Design is about the feeling you want to create when encountering that space or piece of decor.  I  focus  on decorating your home  with characteristics that describe you and make recommendations as to what I feel is the style and really the heart of the home.  I look at each space or project differently and feel each one calls for a different approach depending upon layout, lighting, space and personality and style of the home. l love to mix styles to create an outcome that makes you feel excited.  I am a color freak, and color can change anything and creates a mood within the space.  Lastly, I love any opportunity to have that one piece which makes the room pop.